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Introducing punctum Chat

Published onFeb 10, 2020
Introducing punctum Chat

In November 2019, punctum started its transition to open source infrastructure, which is still ongoing. The most recent development was our wholesale transition from a variety of commercial email platforms such as Gmail to Proton, an open-source, fully end-to-end encrypted email service, again thanks to our fantastic collaborators at Cloud68.

This also got us thinking about the enormous email avalanche that awaits us every morning and the ways in which we can make communicating with our authors, readers, and collaborators more efficient and flexible.

punctum chat login window

As a result, we have decided to make the punctum chat platform, which runs on Mattermost, open to anyone who wants to join. Whether you have a brief question about our style guide, want an update on our progress, or are looking for that PDF that didn’t download – here is the new place to interact with the punctum team and our wider community!

PS: punctum books will attend the Open Source Conference Albania on May 16–17, where we’ll talk about open access and open infrastructures. Join us in sunny Tirana!

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