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Coko for Community

Published onDec 26, 2019
Coko for Community

Our projects are better off because they are shaped by the diversity of experiences of community members, their views and their honest engagement in the projects.
- Faith Bosworth and Adam Hyde, “What is community, really?”

Over the past year and change, punctum books has had opportunity to more actively participate in the larger open access publishing community. In co-founding ScholarLed, we made a new commitment to developing not only critical research, but also the technical infrastructure and human networks that enable scholarship to be openly available around the world. Part of that commitment has been joining the community of Editoria, an open-source tool that is working to change the way we edit and publish monographs.

Editoria, along with its parent company, The Coko Foundation, is particularly inspiring because every aspect of this organization strives to enact openness as a means to bring more people together toward equitable and ethical practices. This spirit is prevalent in the way in which Editoria governs themselves, organizing a constellation of stakeholders — publishers, scholars, civil servants, designers, developers, and more — to meet regularly and ensure that each understands and serve the needs of their community. We at punctum regard Editoria as a north star in creating open-source and open access community.

Organizing community is critical at a time in which many of the entities that hold monopolies over academic research and publishing are doubling down on exclusivist tendencies. Punctum stands with The Coko Foundation in support of horizontal alliances, innovative relationships, and new friendships toward an open commons. And so, we implore you to read Faith Bosworth and Adam Hyde’s meditations on community.

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