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Download Thoth Metadata Records Directly from the punctum Website

Published onAug 16, 2021
Download Thoth Metadata Records Directly from the punctum Website

In another important step in the development of metadata management system Thoth, created in the context of the COPIM project, we are now able to generate full ONIX 3.0 and CSV metadata records of punctum books’s catalog.

Thanks to the development of a new Metadata Export API by Javier Arias and Ross Higman, we now have stable URLs that will allow any reader or supporting library to access punctum books’s CC0-licensed metadata. Currently the only two available formats are ONIX 3.0 and CSV, but in the coming months we also hope to add MARCXML, KBART, and several other formats. You can read more about our prioritorization of metadata formats in the COPIM blogpost from February.

The metadata records can be downloaded directly from our website under the Libraries menu, or here:

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