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The Humid Condition by Dominic Pettman is Out Now

Published onMar 05, 2020
The Humid Condition by Dominic Pettman is Out Now

One thing that meditation has taught me: one’s deepest fears and anxieties live and breed in the invisible brine that exists in the fleeting, infinite space following the end of an exhalation, and before the next breath begins.

If you have a terrible secret, and you never want a soul to discover it, then I suggest you publish it in an edited hardcoveronly anthology from Routledge.

Published today at punctum books, Dominic Pettman cracks open his thoughts to relieve the building condensation in The Humid Condition. These bon mots are available in print and digital open access at

About the Book

The Humid Condition continues on the clicking heels of Dominic Pettman’s Humid, All Too Humid (2016), providing a companion volume of pithy and witty observations for our overheated age. Covering topics from pop culture to academia to romance to politics to human mortality to everything in between, this collection of pointed musings aims to amuse, edify, instruct, provoke, tease, caution, and inspire. As with the first installment, the spirit of this book represents a fusion of Montaigne and Wilde; a mashup of Adorno and Yogi Berra; a parallel channeling of Marx and Marx (both Karl and Groucho). No doubt, Hannah Arendt would be appalled at the irreverence on display within these pages. Then again, “Heidegger has left the bildung.” And as the author himself notes: “I have nothing new to say. And I’m saying it!”

About the Author

Dominic Pettman is Professor of Culture & Media at the New School for Social Research and Eugene Lang College. He is the author of numerous books on technology, humans, and other animals, including Creaturely Love (Minnesota, 2017) and Sonic Intimacy (Stanford, 2017). Previous books published by punctum include In Divisible CitiesHumid, All Too Humid, and Metagestures.

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