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Help Increase Public Support for Punctum Books!

Published onDec 07, 2020
Help Increase Public Support for Punctum Books!

This month, instead of our usual newsletter, we're making a special plea to our readers to help us become more sustainable by subscribing to the press. As a friend of Punctum Books, you likely agree with our position that scholarship should be open and accessible to everyone. This founding tenet of our press has guided us for nearly a decade of open publishing, community building, and infrastructure development. We have thrived, in part, because readers like you subscribe to Punctum Books and support spontaneous acts of scholarly combustion. And the fact of the matter is, we depend on reader support to help power the sails of our venture. Please consider subscribing today. For as little as $5.00 per month, you become a sustaining member of Punctum:

In nearly 10 years, Punctum has published more than 300 rigorous, creative, and radical books. Our publications span, destroy, and remake genres; they fervently play with form and content; they excavate weirdness, take unprecedented risks, and instantiate a new vision of the (para)academic archive. In addition, we have helped to shape the way academic research is shared across the world. We collaborate with universities, like minded scholar-led presses, open source software developers, and many brilliant thinkers to create systems that will guide the future of open access publishing. All of this is possible because we have friends like you who support and participate in Punctum Books. 

“Making accessible those conversations we need for a fairer, more inclusive and caring world, Punctum is bold and exciting in its range of subjects: an antidote to ignorance.”

—Rachel Armstrong, author of Liquid Life

In order to secure the future for radical open access publishing, we are now working to grow and strengthen our bonds with the public. Public knowledge is at the heart of our work and the public is whose voice we want to hear. So please consider becoming a subscriber to Punctum Books. Join our chat or @ us on Twitter. Let us know how we can meet you where you are.

This past year has underscored the importance of independent publishing and open access. We know that sharing knowledge can save lives and make our days more full of meaning. Please consider supporting Punctum Books:

“Punctum, I checked, in Latin means point. It’s singular and pointy, exactly the opposite of my experience with publishing my first very book with her. She is expansive, fluid, and gentle. She cares about a set of values that my book advocates and attempts to practice. Because of the openness, and also because of her fabulosity, the excellent editorial and design work, I guess, the punctum reaches places and readers that I have never had expected.”

—Zairong Xiang, author of Queer and Ancient Ways

To those of you who already subscribe, please accept our gratitude, and to those of you who don't yet subscribe, please consider becoming part of the press today. And to thank you for your support, we will be sending out our in-house designed book-sacks and bookmarks for sustaining subscribers at the $20/month level.

Punctum Books is a non-profit, public benefit corporation. Any amount of support, no matter the size, helps keep our ship of fools afloat. When you opt in as a Punctum subscriber through a recurring donation, you become a sustaining partner of the press, helping us to: (a) defray the labor and other costs that go into making each book (roughly $5,000 per title); (b) keep our Public Commons promiscuously open; and (c) cultivate creative and risk-taking intellectual work that can’t find a welcoming port elsewhere. You also invest in a more diverse, scholar-led, community-owned, and not-for-profit publishing ecosystem that we believe is crucial for the cultivation of more creative and diverse modes and forms of scholarship and their open dissemination and preservation as public knowledge. Vive la Open Access.

punctum books is a trailblazer in the field of Open Access. Theirs is a distinctive voice: a truly independent and open press, publishing books of quality in a dizzying array of topics. Their community spirit and energy are vital in creating a more equitable, dynamic and open future for academic publishing, and we are fortunate to have them as comrades and co-conspirators in transforming Open Access book publishing for the better.

—Open Book Publishers

Let’s be clear, supporting Punctum Books brings about a radical timeline:

Priscila Cardoso do Nascimento: