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LARB Review of Paris Bride by John Schad

Published onAug 18, 2020
LARB Review of Paris Bride by John Schad

In a new review of Paris Bride: A Modernist Life by John Schad, Gerri Gibler describes the unique and beguiling nature of this work its author:

Schad is a professor of English and creative writing at the University of Lancaster, and his novel (if you can call it that, for it is part memoir, part ancestral archive, part polyphonic-voiced gallop through several decades of English literature) is steeped both in his own immense erudition and in details of the lives — as much as he has uncovered, at any rate — of some of his Schad ancestors, whose voices he brings to life in quite a remarkable way. Does this make any sense? Probably not, but the book strangely does in the end, and it will resonate long after you’ve turned the final page.

Read the full review at the Los Angeles Review of Books:

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