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Out Now: Continuum 2

Published onMar 07, 2024
Out Now: Continuum 2

About the Book

This volume gathers Alessandro De Francesco’s essays and theoretical writings produced from 2015 to 2022. It follows the first volume Continuum: Writings on Poetry as Artistic Practice, reuniting essays written between 2007 and 2015.

The title of this new volume could only be Continuum 2, given that the underlying concept remains the same: to testify to the seamless continuity of the author’s commitment to poetry and art over the years, and to reaffirm at the same time, on a theoretical level, a model of creation and thinking as a continuous flow, not discretized, not quantized, but organic, liquid, without end or beginning; a kind of linguistic translation of the space-time in which every text, like every other object, is necessarily immersed.

Continuum 2 is a trilingual book, containing writings in English, French, and Italian, and it is particularly focused on two lines of inquiry: the author’s ongoing meditation on the poetic practice, and the first steps of his new investigation into seventeenth-century art, poetry, and forms of thought.

About the Author

Alessandro De Francesco is a poet, artist, and essayist. He has exhibited and performed internationally and published several books, among which And Agglomerations, of Trees or (Mousse Publishing, 2022); ((( (punctum books, 2021); Remote Vision (punctum books, 2016); Continuum: Writings on Poetry as Artistic Practice (Uitgeverij, 2015). Graduated in Philosophy at the University of Pisa and with a doctorate from the Sorbonne in Paris, he has been teaching poetry and artistic practice in universities and art academies. He is currently the professor of Creative Writing at the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin, Italy, and a visiting professor of studio practice at the Bern Academy of the Arts in Switzerland and at the ENSAV “La Cambre” in Brussels, Belgium. More information on

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