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Out Now: Follow for Now, Vol. 2

Published onSep 16, 2021
Out Now: Follow for Now, Vol. 2

“This is possibly the most cutting-edge grouping of folks on the intersection of futurism, technology, and art yet seen. We couldn’t recommend it highly enough!” ~V. Vale, RE:Search Publications on Follow for Now

“Such a diverse collection of interviews from all types of interesting folk. Even the people whom I was not familiar with prior to this were great!” ~Aesop Rock, Emcee/Producer on Follow for Now

About the Book

Follow for Now, Vol. 2 picks up and pushes beyond the first volume with a more diverse set of interviewees and interviews. The intent of the first collection was to bring together voices from across disciplines, to cross-pollinate ideas. At the time, social media wasn’t crisscrossing all of the lines and categories held a bit more sway. Volume 2 aims not only to pick up where Follow for Now left off but also to tighten its approach with deeper subjects and more timely interviews.

Featuring conversations with thinkers like Carla Nappi, Rita Raley, Dominic Pettman, Ian Bogost, Mark Dery, Douglas Rushkoff, and Dave Allen, and musicians like Tyler, The Creator, Matthew Shipp, Sean Price, Rammellzee, and Sadat X, as well as writers like Ytasha L. Womack, Chris Kraus, Pat Cadigan, Bob Stephenson, Simon Critchley, Simon Reynolds, Malcolm Gladwell, and William Gibson, Follow for Now, Vol. 2 is another critical cross-section of the now.

About the Editor

Roy Christopher is an aging BMX and skateboarding zine kid. That’s where he learned to turn events and interviews into pages with staples. He has since written about music, media, and culture for everything from self-published zines and personal blogs to national magazines and academic journals. He most recently contributed to Post Memes: Seizing the Memes of Production (punctum books, 2019). He was assistant editor of Sound Unbound: Sampling Digital Music and Culture (MIT Press, 2008) and self-published the first volume of Follow for Now: Interviews with Friends and Heroes (Well-Red Bear, 2007). He holds a PhD in Communication Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. His most recent book is Dead Precedents: How Hip-Hop Defines the Future (Repeater, 2019).

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