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Punctum Back Catalog on Project Muse

Published onJul 03, 2020
Punctum Back Catalog on Project Muse

In August 2019, punctum books started a collaboration with Project Muse to make its open access books easily accessible to an even broader audience. We started with a first pilot of 37 books, whose usage statistics have grown considerably over the last few months, in part because of the Covid-19 pandemic – as many reader cannot longer access physical copies at institutional libraries, downloads have increased.

In May, Project Muse announced that it would wave its title processing fees for open access books throughout 2020, which has provided punctum books the opportunity to upload its entire back catalog to their platform, increasing visibility for all our past publications, authors, and editors.

We are currently working with the staff of Project Muse to process the digital files in batches, which will go live on their platform over the next few months.

You can browse the current selection of punctum books available on Muse here.

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