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Punctum Books Library Program Partners with Jisc in the UK

Published onSep 23, 2020
Punctum Books Library Program Partners with Jisc in the UK

Punctum Books Supporting Library Membership Program launched just over one year ago in collaboration with the University of California Santa Barbara as a network of collective support for open access books, linking higher education institutions. This month, Punctum’s Library Program takes an important step forward in furthering its vision by signing a partnership with Jisc to connect with research libraries across the United Kingdom.

Jisc develops digital infrastructure for education institutions across the UK to share and support scholarship. Jisc builds the technology, workflows, and relationships that enable the exchange of knowledge. By partnering with Punctum Books, Jisc demonstrates further support for open access publishing, creative and critical scholarship, and innovative modes of community building around scholarly publishing.

In its first year Punctum’s Library Program created partnerships with 17 institutions across the US, Canada, and Europe. By collaborating with Jisc, Punctum strives to develop more resilient modes of support for open access books. The UK is a critical champion of open research globally through initiatives led by UK Research & Innovation, Wellcome Trust, Jisc, and other public and private organizations. Punctum Books is one the most prolific and driven scholar-led open access presses in the world, having published over 300 monographs since 2011. Together, Jisc and Punctum work to further the global shift toward open and public scholarship.

For UK libraries interested in working with Punctum and Jisc, please find additional info at the subscription page of the Jisc website.

Photo by Susan Yin on Unsplash.

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