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Punctum Goes Open Source Audio with Funkwhale

Published onNov 30, 2020
Punctum Goes Open Source Audio with Funkwhale

Punctum Books builds upon a commitment to align Open Access publishing with open source development by introducing a new audio initiative built upon open sound platform Funkwhale.

Funkwhale is community-built, open source software that rethinks the way sounds are shared online. Rather than a single entity in control, Funkwhale allows decentralized interconnected audio libraries to produce discoverable and diverse archives. Punctum identifies with Funkwhale’s vision for a digital commons.

Punctum Audio allows us to share sounds from our community of authors and artists, the archive from emeritus imprint Punctum Records, and audio versions of our books. All audio will be hosted on our own servers, playing freely without 3rd party advertisements or compromising user data.

Check out some of the content! New sounds will be added on a rolling basis and announced via this Comms channel.

  1. Trouble Songs by Jeff T. Johnson (punctum books, 2018); a hybrid serial work that tracks the appearance of the word “trouble” in 20th- and 21st-century American music.

  1. The Source by Cory Allen (Punctum Records, 2015); a work of psychedelic minimalism. Over the course of this record, music shifts from lush string sections and gongs, to passionate free drumming and Rhodes piano, to the meditative drones of Hammond organ, tanpura, and harmonium.

  1. Paris Bride by John Schad (punctum books, 2020); an exploration of the lost life of Marie Schad, of whom little is known beyond a few legal papers, a number of letters, some photographs, the diaries of a friend, and her obituary. With so little else known of Marie’s life, this book seeks to read her back into existence by drawing on a host of contemporaneous texts — largely modernist texts, by Virginia Woolf, Franz Kafka, the Paris Surrealists, Stéphane Mallarmé, Oscar Wilde, Katherine Mansfield, and Walter Benjamin. Read by Ant Lightfoot.

Our instance of Funkwhale is both supported and informed by our ongoing collaboration with the brilliant people at

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