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Punctum Books Library Program Welcomes St. Norbert College

Published onMar 23, 2020
Punctum Books Library Program Welcomes St. Norbert College

Punctum Books is proud to announce the St. Norbert College’s Mulva Library is the newest member of our Supporting Library Membership Program. St. Norbert’s library not only serves as the intellectual hub of their campus, but also supports open and accessible scholarship for all people. Punctum would like to extend a special thank you to Mitchel Scott, Collection Management Librarian at St. Norbert for championing this partnership.

The Punctum Books Supporting Library Membership Program was developed in collaboration with UCSB Library and OAPEN. Members of this program support the operations of a press that shares values with the library community and a vision for a more equitable and accessible scholarly commons. Find the full list of our supporting library partners here.

For the sake of discoverability, reuse, and scholar support, we work directly with librarians to ensure that our catalogue is fully integrated into research systems, including repositories, while also ensuring that our books are available to a global readership without economic or other barriers. In supporting punctum, libraries invest in a more diverse, scholar-led, community-owned, and non-profit publishing ecosystem that we believe is crucial for the cultivation of more creative modes of scholarship and their open dissemination and preservation as public knowledge.

Libraries can be assured that they are investing in a press that works toward new modes of economic and operational sustainability that collaborates with other presses and organizations such as ScholarLed and Invest In Open to help build open infrastructure for open access books.

Punctum’s Library Program adopts a consortial funding model, inspired by Open Library of the Humanities, whereby small annual contributions from libraries form a robust revenue pool that enables a cost-effective method for funding open access — we are stronger together. With collective library support for OA books, no single institution bears a disproportionate cost and each institution decides for itself what is an appropriate level of support.

We are grateful to the Mulva Library at St. Norbert College for their commitment to open access research and publishing. We look forward to working alongside the library toward the future of scholarship.

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