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Punctum Newsletter for March 2021

Published onMar 26, 2021
Punctum Newsletter for March 2021

News and Notes

OASPA Webinar: Open Book Metadata

Punctum Co-Director Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei chairs a discussion on open metadata with Micah Altman (MIT),  Dominique Babini (CLASCO), Mel Bach (Cambridge University),  Christina Drummond (OA eBook Usage Data Trust), and Jennifer Kemp (CrossRef/Metadata2020).

Los Angeles Review of Books Previews Craig Dworkin’s Forthcoming Book

“The following is excerpted from Helicography (Punctum Books, 2021), a book that pataphysically scales those other spirals — from fern fronds and galaxies to phonograph records and watch springs — to the size of the Jetty. The final text will itself be at a scale of one word per half-inch.”

After "After Jews and Arabs": Ammiel Alcalay in conversation with Gil Anidjar

Jewish-Muslim Research Network, University of Michigan

“This spring, [Ammiel Alcalay's] A Bibliography for “After Jews and Arabs” will appear with Punctum Books, presenting the original and unchanged bibliography as a glimpse into the historical record of a unique scholarly, political, poetic, and cultural journey, along with three accompanying texts. JMRN is delighted to mark the publication of A Bibliography for “After Jews and Arabs” and reflect on the legacy of After Jews and Arabs, nearly 30 years later, with a conversation between Ammiel Alcalay and Gil Anidjar.”

Writing Sex: Julietta Singh

Los Angeles Review of Books, Jonathan Alexander

“WRITING SEX is a series of short interviews with contemporary writers who are breaking new ground in writing about sex and sexuality.” Jonathan Alexander (Creep) and Julietta Singh (No Archive Will Restore You) in conversation.

Remembering Michael Callen in a new biography

The Bay Area Reporter, David-Elijah Nahmod

“The legacy of Callen is now remembered in Love Don't Need a Reason: The Life and Music of Michael Callen, a new full-length biography by gay historian Matthew J. Jones. The book is a riveting account of Callen's 38 year sojourn on Earth and leaves little out.”

Poetry Against the State

The Markaz Review, Gil Anidjar

“But what is poetry? Like history, poetry is knowledge. But what it knows is not only events, facts, or ‘the precarious nature of archives’. Poetry rather teaches such precariousness, the fragility that affects all “living repositories of cultural memory.” A review of Ammiel Alcalay, A Bibliography for After Jews and Arabs by Gil Anidjar

Alessandro de Francesco Expanded Poetry #1

der TANK, The Art Institute HGK FHNW Basel

Expanded Poetry # 1 is a two-part immersive text environment that
includes a choral reading and a virtual room on Mozilla Hubs.” An exhibition by Alessandro de Francesco, author of Remote Vision.

Comuns, novo fantasma que assombra o Capital

Outras Palavras, Jornalismo de Profundidade e Pós-Capitalismo

A Portuguese review of Anna Grear and David Bollier’s The Great Awakening.

Upcoming Lecture: Critical Tools

Zairong Xiang, Oslo National Academy of the Arts - March 17, 2021

“In this lecture [by Zairong Xiang, Queer Ancient Ways], we will look at different registers of improvisation anchored in artistic practices and critical and curatorial reflections, from quotidian knowledge to ingenious improvisation, from communitarian politics to capitalist appropriation; and discuss what lessons can be learnt (both from and against) these theory-practices, especially in the context of an all-exposing pandemic.”

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