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Punctum Newsletter for September 22, 2020

Published onSep 22, 2020
Punctum Newsletter for September 22, 2020

News and Notes

Hurt and Words: On Language and Pain in Public

Feminist Review, Khairani Barokka

“Julietta Singh’s remarkable collection of essays—or, as I read them, prose poems—No Archive Will Restore You (2018), is one of the clearest, most honest articulations of various pains I’ve ever read. I am so deeply grateful for it, as a fellow brown person working in and with archives, as a fellow pained woman for many years, as a woman who has had romances archived/imprisoned online as the one she describes in the book is.”

An Experimental Biography: John Schad’s “Paris Bride: A Modernist Life”

Los Angeles Review of Books, Gerri Kimber

“There is no ending to the story as such, no resolution, but the journey to the very last page is nothing short of electrifying.”

Read Paris Bride by John Schad

Jonathan Alexander Launches New Series at LARB: Writing Sex

Los Angeles Review of Books, Jonathan Alexander

“WRITING SEX is a series of short interviews with contemporary writers who are breaking new ground in writing about sex and sexuality.  Sometimes ribald but always smart, these writers push the limits of our ability to imagine what sex is, what it means, and what it could be.”

Check out the first interview with Dennis Cooper and read Jonathan Alexander’s Punctum Book, Creep: A Life, a Theory, An Apology

Investing in A Brighter Future

Research Information, Heather Staines

Heather Staines showcases the scholarly publishing and communication initiatives, including Punctum and COPIM, utilizing the Knowledge Futures Group’s open source platform, PubPub.

‘We found in PubPub a mission-aligned initiative, providing a transparent and open source space for us to talk about what we are doing,' notes Dan Rudmann, director for community relations at Punctum Books.

Lester Spence on the Pandemic and Movement for Racial Justice

Higher Education’s Big Rethink, Bryan Alexander

“Moments like this are opportunities for us to expand what we think is politically possible.”

Lester Spence, author of Knocking the Hustle, discusses the ways in which higher education has and should respond to our current moment.

Rena Mosteirin (Moonbit) Expands Her Literary Life

Dartmouth News, Hannah Silverstein

Congratulations to Moonbit co-author Rena Mosteirin on becoming the new owner and proprietor of Left Bank Books in Hanover, New Hampshire.

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