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Resources to Support Black Lives and Oppose Militarized Police

Published onJun 02, 2020
Resources to Support Black Lives and Oppose Militarized Police

Punctum Books stands in solidarity with Black people facing yet another wave of violence from an unethical, militarized, and unconstrained police force, which is an expression of an underlying fascism and racism that has been allowed to fester for decades, if not centuries.

A significant portion of our authors, editors, and readership is active within academic institutions, which have been severely affected by the encroachment of the militarized police forces, in part to enforce the neoliberal and anti-union policies implemented as well in the rest of society. Racist violence against Black lives is a fundamental feature of such policies.

If academic institutions mean to create safe and nurturing environments for their students, faculty, and staff, schools must recognize that those goals are fully at odds with a police presence on campus. Therefore, Punctum Books calls upon universities and colleges nationwide to divest from their relationships with police by ending police contracts, abolishing police departments on campuses, and redistributing those resources to create a more equitable and safe environment.

As an open access press, we aim to benefit the public and support the enduring persistence of public discourses in public spaces. In order to further the coordination and strategy of those working to bring about meaningful change in the United States at this moment, we offer, in particular, the following free resources.

Black lives matter.


Antiracism Inc. eds. Felice Blake, Paula Ioanide, & Alison Reed, traces the ways people along the political spectrum appropriate, incorporate, and neutralize antiracist discourses to perpetuate injustice. It also examines the ways organizers continue to struggle for racial justice in the context of such appropriations. Antiracism Inc. reveals how antiracist claims can be used to propagate racism, and what we can do about it.

On the intersection of capitalism and racism. Explicating the ways in which neoliberalism demobilizes and disempowers Black people and communities. Outlining new institutional frameworks and community governance that would lead to liberation: Knocking the Hustle by Lester Spence.

For resources toward recognizing patterns in the vilification of protesters, the militarization of police, building systems of support against fascism, and developing broad coalitions to bring about change: Insurrectionary Infrastructures by Jeff Shantz.

On radical educational practices as a cornerstone for the development of an equitable society. A face-to-face encounter between an Anglo Philosophy of Education and Latin American Pedagogics, “pedagogics” should be considered as a type of philosophical inquiry alongside ethics, economics, and politics: The Pedagogics of Liberation by Enrique Dussel.

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