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Sappho: ]fragments Reviewed at Public Books

Published onDec 11, 2019
Sappho: ]fragments Reviewed at Public Books

Sappho: ]fragments by Jonathan Goldberg is reviewed in a new article at Public Books.

The piece, entitled “Getting To The Party In Time” and written by Christina Lupton, provides a comparative framework for scholarly conviviality through recent works on queer theory.

Goldberg’s readings make desire’s realization seem mythical and out of reach. But his best chapters—on Willa Cather’s reworking of one story over time and on Sarah Orne Jewett’s Maine landscapes as invocations of ancient Greek shores—showcase the importance and power of scholarship accreting, growing, and interconnecting over time. 

Sappho: ]fragments is available now in print and digital open access at Read “Getting To The Party In Time” at Public Books.

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