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Welcome to Punctum's Fall Membership Drive

Published onOct 12, 2020
Welcome to Punctum's Fall Membership Drive

Punctum Books is an independent scholar-led press dedicated to open publishing and progressive forms of community building in order to share knowledge publicly. Today, we are launching our first Fall Membership Drive to help sustain and support our work, as well as build new connections and expand upon our dedication to the public.

In a year that has shattered our sense of normalcy and hindered our ability to forecast even the near future, I believe one thing: the more we work together, the better off we will all be. It is in this spirit that we at Punctum Books come to you now. Help us build a knowledge commons where all are welcome. Help us make books that expand the possibilities of scholarship. Our public members play a critical role in our mission as a press, and having more people participate in this work will make it more meaningful for everyone.

Punctum’s Fall Membership Drive runs today, October 12th, through to October 25th with the goal of gaining 100 sustaining members/$15,000. To support us in this drive, please visit and select various levels of one-time or sustaining donations.

During the Membership Drive, we have two special gifts to express our thanks to new members:

Our of respect for your data-privacy, Punctum Books does not collect your information through the Support page of our website. To claim your thank you gift, please send us a screenshot of your donation receipt to me at [email protected], along with your shipping address.

Punctum Books is a non-profit, public benefit corporation. Any amount of support, no matter the size, helps keep our ship of fools afloat. When you opt in as a Punctum subscriber through a recurring donation, you become a sustaining partner of the press, helping us to: (a) defray the labor and other costs that go into making each book (roughly $5,000 per title); (b) keep our Public Commons promiscuously open; and (c) cultivate creative and risk-taking intellectual work that can’t find a welcoming port elsewhere. You also invest in a more diverse, scholar-led, community-owned, and not-for-profit publishing ecosystem that we believe is crucial for the cultivation of more creative and diverse modes and forms of scholarship and their open dissemination and preservation as public knowledge. Vive la Open Access.

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